[Webinar Report] Behind Your Employers Mind: What We Look For From You!

In order to adjust our working program due to the pandemic, HR Discussion was virtually held through a webinar entitled “Behind Your Employers Mind: What We Look For From You!” on June 30, 2020. This webinar was moderated by Priska Andrina, a management student at Universitas Indonesia and we invited Fajar Mahdi Fatahilah, an experienced recruiter at Multinational Companies such as Korn Ferry, Traveloka, and Google as a speaker. Down below is the resume from our webinar.

1. Labor market outlook

With the current rise of technology, it has become a global culture for businesses to be technologically adept. This result has brought forth these characteristics to the present environment:

  • Borderless states that has brought upon endless opportunity

  • An abundant labor force supply that helps in strengthening the competition

  • Ambiguity becomes the norm, therefore having the ability to navigate through them becomes a very important aspect.

According to a research by Deloitte, business strategies in the recruitment process of the open talent economy are affected by Global Talent Trends which are as follows:

  • An open economy, which helps widen the variety of talents.

  • An acquired real-time access to cloud-based technology, a form of technology that connects data through different devices. (Ex: Icloud data of Apple products)

  • Being active mobile users, “Always on your phone”.

  • Approaching community engagements and social sharing.

  • Adapting and applying massive open online education. (Ex: Ruangguru, Harvard Online Business School, etc.)

  • Adaptation of one’s decision making skill to be data driven.

With major changes happening around the world, essentially overflowing information, has risen both uncertainty and volatility to the world. Therefore, a tendency amongst the majority is to question, “Which skills will help you compete”?