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Business and Entrepreneurship Division exist to educate and support the business ecosystem within MSS through our workprograms such as Origin News, Origin Database, Origin Podcast and our main event, Origin Business Club!


The BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE division is responsible for providing management students with insights about technology and the tech industry. We are also in charge of the MSS FEBUI website!


Finance division exists as an accommodator for students to expand their horizons in the world of finance. We also act as a bridge for our management friends from FEB UI to learn and prepare to go directly into the world of investment which will certainly be very useful in the future. Our main goal is to provide knowledge and experiences that are fun and interesting, and easy to implement so that learning about the world of capital markets and investment is no longer a lesson but a lifestyle.


HUMAN RESOURCE division is the division that ensures everyone gets equal love and attention within the organization. We create positive environment, provide quality management mechanism, and fulfill our own educational thirst. We work behind the scene, to keep the scene stand still


Marketing division is responsible for maintaining the image of MSS FEB UI among Management students and the general public. We explore, create, and deliver value through creative media content such as Youtube and Tiktok to meet the needs of MSS FEB UI and the community.


Project division is in charge as the main revenue stream of the organization. Being a part of the project division allows you to collaborate with various big companies and enables you to organize their events.

Public relations

The Public Relations division acts as the front face of MSS. PR is known for creating, building, and maintaining good relationships with all of MSS’s stakeholders. We also facilitate publication of other division’s events and external partnerships as well as other information related to management students. 


Research and Development division is the research arm and core part of MSS. Our role is to process and analyze data to give insights in order to bring improvements.


Student Development division offers various activities for management students to improve their skills through academic and nonacademic initiatives. We also provide a two-way platform for them to voice out their concerns, aspirations, and feedbacks! 


Career Development is a division that helps Management students to find their passion and career paths by developing and facilitating supportive programs related to the professional world. We also aim to have Management students gain more insight about the career industry and be prepared to work in their own respective fields.

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